Thankful for Potter’s

Via my brother, my dad’s lenten promise to avoid donuts has ended emphatically, check it out via posterous.


8 Responses to “Thankful for Potter’s”

  1. zachary Says:

    theres no better doughnut place in the country than potters.

    this is not even a debatable subject.

  2. York Roberts Says:

    Them looks good. Would like to get me some them.

  3. indeedindeed Says:

    What’s nice about Potter’s is that they aren’t made in a laboratory. They don’t all look the same. They don’t skimp on the filling. Just a big frosty donut.

  4. indeedindeed Says:

    Also, important to note in that picture that my dad has purchased two of the XL donut boxes and has them stacked one on top of each other.

  5. York Roberts Says:

    I gave up donuts for lent too…except I just usually never have them so it wasn’t intentional….can someone mail me two boxes of that?

  6. indeedindeed Says:

    They’re en route.

  7. broseph Says:

    dad has those prepared in advance. they know what’s up when he rolls in there. those donuts ended up with your favorite cousin kyle and his undernourished WMU brothers. but i had a few and it was glorious. i don’t eat any donuts outside of potter’s. what’s the point?

  8. York Roberts Says:

    Can I get a tracking number Sloans? Where my donuts at?

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