Jive coward lethargy

Anyone have any experience with these little devils?


8 Responses to “Jive coward lethargy”

  1. zachary Says:

    yup. works.

    a months supply of b vitamins in 1 ounce cant be good though. ZJ

  2. York Roberts Says:


    I always carry one on me and call it my ‘contingency plan’. If all else fails, I have it available as a final option.

    Works like a charm.

    Some people have told me when they have it they have trouble sleeping at night like 10 hours later…I have had no such issue.

  3. broseph Says:

    you’re all crazy.

  4. zachary Says:

    hahahaa”ZJ” i have to write that for work all day.

  5. York Roberts Says:

    Sloan, let’s move to Sao Paulo together. We can work on our novels, leave the pressures of American life behind, drink, womanize, eat whole cows and all for less than $8 a day…What do you say?

  6. indeedindeed Says:

    Of course I’m in. ZJ.

  7. indeedindeed Says:

    In all seriousness, I think every other year we should live frugally and save up like five grand and then spend the following year not working while living in a tropical country. Come back, save up money, leave again.

  8. indeedindeed Says:

    I jammed one of those five hour energies this morning around 7. Definitely a nice subtle buzz. Hyper right now, but I also took down one 20 ounce coffee and got another waiting.

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