“McNulty versus the BBC SHED-U-ule”

My brother finds McNulty from the Wire making fun of his country’s TV programming:

Dominic West, the British star of the critically acclaimed US show The Wire, has said that UK television lacks quality high-end drama.

West, who plays the quick-tempered police officer Jimmy McNulty in the show, said in an interview on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme this morning that the UK “does costume drama brilliantly” but that there is a “lack of high-end drama” such as The Wire.

Take that motherland! More:

“If you turn on American TV, there’s a huge choice of nothing you want to see and, unfortunately, I think that’s the case here now as well. I love costume drama, no one does it like the BBC – no one has the money to do it, first of all and, secondly, Americans don’t have the history do it,” West said.

What the hell does that mean? We don’t have the history to do it? We’ve got your history right here!


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