Young and the stress test

When I was visiting colleges, I had two fears: one, that my parents would ask insanely embarrassing questions. That happened every single time, 100 percent inevitable, no getting around it. So you come to peace with it. The second was that I would be noticeably younger than the actual university students and that they’d laugh and point: “Look at the wee little baybay, a mere high schooler masquerading in our grown up land of sex and alcohol-fueled idolatry.” So I’d do what I could (not very much) to look older. Looking collegiate is especially difficult when you’re in a group of nine other babies and twenty parents and eight even younger siblings.

But I always see kids touring BC with their parents and their even younger siblings while wearing their high school letter jackets. Is there anything more noticeably high schoolish than a florescent orange and green Corel Lake Tigers jacket? Are these kids just totally secure in their high school baseball identities to the point that they don’t attempt the collegiate look? Are they resigned to the fact that no one is going to mistake a 17 year old flanked by his parents as a fellow BC Eagle? Either way, they’re apparently a lot less neurotic than I was, and they were third-team all conference left-field as a junior.


6 Responses to “Young and the stress test”

  1. yorkroberts Says:

    I didn’t have the above problem because I didn’t visit any colleges.

    The fact that I have a degree is still astounding to me.

    I showed up at Emmanuel having never seen the campus before. I didn’t look at how much it cost to go there…I didn’t really prepare even slightly.

    Oh and an old friend and I helped each other during the SATs. I helped him with verbal, he helped me with math (I went from a 310 to a 390…wooooooooo!!!!).

  2. yorkroberts Says:

    Also, I always liked at EC how when I was in the dining hall working the parents of the kids touring the school would come up to me and make ridiculous requests. Such as:

    “Can you make a sandwich for me?”

    “Can you re-cook this food for me?”

    “How many calories are in this?”

    “Do they ever have nice food here?”

    “Can you find us a table?”

    “Does anyone who works here speak english?”

    “Watch my purse.”

  3. zachary Says:

    at msu when we took a tour the student that was doing the tour said “dont wear you letter jacket from highschool on campus, you will look like a fool”

  4. Kenny Says:

    Our friends hosted a “High School” theme party one night in which we all wore high school apparel. There were numerous spirit shirts present. Hilarity ensued.

    They all wore letter jackets. Did any of our friends actually own SF letter jackets? I know I didn’t have one, and I was in the band which I think is a pretty high per capita letter jacket organization.

  5. zachary Says:

    i dont know of anyone that did that i hung out with. i coulda got one for tennis though. whaaaaatup.

  6. matt Says:

    this is great. the only people who should be wearing letter jackets are those that got them in the 50s and 60s. I think the hick football players wore letter jackets, and wrestlers.

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