Kenny Powers is back

I keep forgetting to post about this: if you’re not watching HBO’s new series Eastbound & Down, you’re missing out. It’s a rare show that can fluctuate between extreme vulgarity, hilarity and devastation. Really really well-produced television. It just gets better throughout the season, so stay with it.


Also, that second clip features a song by the awesome Boston hipster duo Drug Rug. I had to rewind about three times on the DVR before I believed that there was actually one of their songs playing.


2 Responses to “Kenny Powers is back”

  1. broseph Says:

    sorry bro, looks like this show didn’t exactly light a fire in the ratings department. it might be shuffling off, guy from cincinnati style. john from cincinnati? uhhhh i don’t remember.

  2. Kenny Says:

    Garlington and I watched the first season last night. We both enjoyed it. Doesn’t it seem like HBO shows are almost destined to struggle with ratings in their first season?

    I mean HBO has so many shows, runing on different nights and at different times that there is no way to watch every series they produce. Maybe it’s just me but I usually don’t start watching until I get some favorable word of mouth feedback.

    I also think they should rotate through early seasons more often so that people who missed the shows early seasons can catch up.

    Great example of this is me with The Wire. I had heard Jerry, and others, raving about the show for years but I didn’t really want to just pick it up at the start of the third season, and I never got around to renting it so the show was ending before I finally got into it.

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