The dancing machine was pumped


msu makes the final 4. jerrys blog only mention of college sports is a frozen four team. a sport jerry hates. were you checking to see if um made it? (they lost in the first round). jerry. you have abandoned me and i think you have abandoned kenny as well.

many tears are being let right now.

Like you said, I don’t follow the collegiate ranks too closely, but Michigan beat Clemson in the first round and give Oklahoma a game in the second.

In my defense, I thought I had posted about MSU today in the haze of pre-coffee morning. The Spartos played great, a little too great. The game got way boring in the second half of the second half. But theatrics aren’t important. They’re headed to the Motor, and I sincerely hope they win the whole damn thing. If that takes shady hometown refereeing, then so be it.

Other NCAA thoughts:

—Why does Blake Griffin always look so winded? Is that what you want to see in a number one pick in the draft?
—Same with Tyler Hansbro. Are those two just incapable of closing their mouths? Is it a mouth guard thing? Please advise.
This column comparing Kentucky bball and General Motors is terrible. Especially because the writer has stolen my gimmick of throwing in exclamation points to make weak arguments look more emphatic.
—Is there another event where people are so excited to watch but wouldn’t want to attend in person? I can understand the early rounds, when the main joy is jumping from game to game depending on the action. But I ask everyone: “How much would you pay to see Michigan State in the Final Four in Detroit?” and no one is willing to shell out. I flew to Detroit to be close to the Tigers during their 2006 World Series run, and there were no tickets anywhere. I’ll admit, I had a chance at a solo standing room only seat in the freezing rain for $300+, but I drew the line a few inches from that.


9 Responses to “The dancing machine was pumped”

  1. zachary Says:

    id drop 200 max. but tix are going for like 300+ and thats nosebleeds. you want lower level? hope you got 5k.

    they need to playe these in actaul basketball arenas.

    might go to detroit to watch game downtown and get some coneys. support the local economy.

  2. indeedindeed Says:

    just realized zach was probably talking about michigan losing in the first round of the college hockey tournament.

  3. indeedindeed Says:

    yeah, it’s definitely fun just to be close and cheer at a bar or whatever.

  4. zachary Says:

    yes, thats what i was meaning. they had a good team, woulda been good if um made it to the frozen four.

  5. Meghan Says:

    I watched some of the regionals in Ford Field last year and had seats in the lower bowl. It was impossible to see anything – that place is too big for basketball – better to watch on tv anyway. Actually, sounds like anywhere in EL is where most fans want to be.

  6. yorkroberts Says:

    I spent about $1,000 on C’s playoff tickets last year…but I was there for game 6 of Atlanta, games 2 and 6 of Cleveland and games 1 and 2 of Detroit….I was also on the floor for game 6 and the first 2 detroit games…

  7. zachary Says:

    anywhere in EL equals about 6 bars. and a lot of fraternity people. theres only so much LA looks that my olfactory can handle in one room. but it would be fun to go to paul reveres. $3.25 for a 32 oz beer.

  8. broseph Says:

    he should just change his name to tyler hasbro and then he’d has a built-in endorsement going already. for children’s toys, but i’ll be damned if that ain’t a lucrative industry. well, when you’re not paying out restitution.

  9. broseph Says:

    ugh, my typing is as nauseous as i am.

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