Failing upwards

A lot of conservatives seem intent on making government not work in order to serve their free market, “the state is the problem” agenda. Kwame Kilpatrick’s destructive failure at civil service was similarly inevitable, not because of ideological aversion but because he isn’t capapble of serving anything greater than himself and his own appetites.

Thankfully, karma has finally caught up to the man. His new job with Compuware in Texas (note to self: Compuware needs new HR director) only pays 10 grand a month, and he’s now limited to a $900 a month Escalade and a $2700 a month crib.

How much house does one get for $2700 a month in Texas? Here are some Dallas area options: here, here, here, here, and here.

Meanwhile, in Detroit, $2700 could get you the rights to Miguel Cabrera or several blocks of real estate. Thanks for the leadership Kwame.


One Response to “Failing upwards”

  1. zachary Says:

    id be kwame. man lives the good life. even with his stint in the state pen.

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