More college re-do bracket


This is hard for me because none of the southern schools are that appealing to me. Mostly because I don’t think i could cope with the heat and humidity. I find East Lansing to be brutally hot sometimes in august.

I also am not entirely convinced i would want my college experience to be in a large city, even though I went with Columbia (I guess the allure of NYC is kind of appealing). My logic on this is that I feel like the “college” experience would sort of get lost in the “big city” experience. Maybe this wouldn’t happen, or maybe i’m partial because my own experience was sort of the classic “college town” experience.

When I was 17 and filtering out schools in a really concrete way, the only things I paid attention to were Catholic and big city. I didn’t take weather or geography into account. But as I get older, I recognize that A. I hate being cold and B. I’ve already spent 24 years in cold places. So if I had to redo things, I’d definitely go warm and still go city (I consider Austin a city, though it’s not exactly a metropolis.)

I’ve gotten into this argument over and over, but I really would rather have massive humidity and sweaty awkwardness than six months of ice.

Ken again:

My criteria was basically that they not be completely awful at every sport (ideally they would have at least one really good one I could get in to).

I went to a D3 college where sports didn’t really matter, and I don’t regret that at all. The only thing I really regret is not studying abroad. But that’s for another day.

Which of these conferences has the fewest appealing schools? My vote is conference USA. Not a lot to get excited about athletics wise nor the prestige of being an ivy league to make up for it.

I wouldn’t want to live there forever, but I think going to college in the South would be great. Colleges are often at the forefront of their communities as far as being socially tolerant places, so you probably wouldn’t have to deal with as much crap as elsewhere. And let’s just say that people in the South seem to enjoy themselves.


Really difficult to go conference by conference. I’ve never once been to an ivy league campus or a conference usa campus.

Ivy League campuses are beautiful. Picture any wonderful, green campus and then slather it with thick layers of money.

Anyways, in the big ten i like wisconsin. oddly, i hear iowa city is a ton of fun also. But i’ll stick with madison.

The Big 12 is definitely texas. Although i think i could really handle being in the moutnains and doing up Colorado for 4 years.

Completely agree.

But yeah, texas, I really want to go to south by southwest mostly. The music scene in austin is apparently amazing and everyone raves about it there. My roommate is actually heading there this weekend.

Pat, we need to go to SXSW next year. I keep putting it off. This is like my dad saying, “I’ll see Elvis play Detroit next year” every New Year’s and then he’s dead.

My Final Four: 1. UCLA v. 5. Georgetown, 7. Texas v. 6. Columbia


5 Responses to “More college re-do bracket”

  1. zachary Says:

    id probably take harvard over the florida woman.

    breakfast place ring a bell jerry? pat go to harvard. the campus is unreal.

  2. Kenny Says:

    See I find extreme heat and humidity to be more debilitating than cold.

    I only applied at 3 colleges, Albion, UM and MSU. I got in at Albion and MSU, got wait listed at UM, and never bothered to send in the follow up thing I was supposed to. I was pretty sure the entire time I was going to stay within Michigan. And I definitely wanted to be able to cheer for a major athletics team. That’s why I didn’t really consider Albion all that much. When I went on my visit there and told the guy I played on the SF golf team and what scores I typically shot he said I could probably play on their team. Any school in which I am even close to qualified to participate in athletics is probably too small.

  3. indeedindeed Says:

    i was also of the mindset that i could go small for undergrad, get a lot of individual attention, and then do my PhD somewhere big, get that experience. but then once i got to a medium-sized grad school i didn’t want to go to school any further.

    for some reason i always liked the idea of getting to hang out with professors in a way that seemed unlikely at a big 10-sized school.

  4. indeedindeed Says:

    also, i was always really impressed by what i heard about albion, but all of the schools like that in michigan (except i guess kalamazoo college to a degree) were in the absolute middle of nowhere.

  5. Tyler Says:

    I’d go to UNC, Duke, Cal or UCLA if I could do it over (assuming I could get in…big assumption). I’m obviously a die hard michigan fan and enjoyed my time there but I hate winter. I should live somewhere warm.

    I applied to UM, MSU and K college…of those three I’d stick with UM.

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