And I respond

York did his once every six weeks posting at “Chair: a place to sit.”

1. I like Kelly Clarkson. Not above Lily Allen or Beyonce, but I’m a fan of the singles and I’m not ashamed.

2. Could the people possibly have known that a lady was being strangled to death on the escalator? I think in cities so much strange stuff happens that a lot of people just try to stay in their own bubble until they get wherever they’re going.

3. York:

I don’t hate airports. Some people do. People who smoke probably. People who are inpatient. I think you can get a lot done in an airport. Provided what you have to get done is not all that important.

Yeah, if you’ve got a stack of People magazines that you need to go through, the airport isn’t a bad place to spend the day.

Also, “inpatient” airport denizens? They’re hospitalized in the airport? Are they trying to overcome a fear of flying or something?

After traveling most of the day yesterday via bus/subway/bigger bus/plane, I have to give the edge to air travel.

4. York on Obama:

You know what I am sick of though? The whole “He shouldn’t be doing an NCAA bracket/on Leno..etc.” That’s just stupid bullshit. George W. Bush was on vacation about 200 days a year. I’m fine with the President taking a half hour to make an NCAA bracket or going on a talk show to try to sell a new policy that will greatly impact the country.

That’s a good point: why didn’t GWB get more flack for going on vacation so much? I know he could do his fifteen minutes of blindly signing whatever documents were placed in front of him from any location, but isn’t it a bad symbol when the leader of the free world is commuting home on the weekends like a homesick college freshman?


7 Responses to “And I respond”

  1. yorkroberts Says:

    Thanks for picking up on a typo Sloan. Truly appreciate it.

  2. indeedindeed Says:

    Haha, come on, that was a funny typo.

  3. indeedindeed Says:

    i need two more people to join my fantasy baseball league if anyone is in.

  4. zachary Says:

    “hehe, now watch me hit this drive”

  5. yorkroberts Says:

    I’ll joint he leaguye
    send me the invitepwd

  6. indeedindeed Says:

    york, i sent it to your gmail

  7. yorkroberts Says:

    Which one? or my actual name at If my actual name, full name or nickname?

    Or did you send it to my account?

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