Battling for territory

Military news from France:

After 43 years, France is preparing to rejoin NATO’s integrated command, and French officials are sounding a wee bit…defensive…about the change. Swatting back at charges that their participation will be politically difficult (and apparently forgetting who the French President is) French Defense Minister Herve Morin insisted France would take on its full responsibilities in the alliance and start acting like an “adult.” Concerned with reasserting sovereignty over its territory, France pulled out of the military command in 1968 on the orders of then-President Charles de Gaulle.

The very first time I met Courtney’s mom, she was giving me a ride from the train station to her house and telling me about the family’s two pet dogs. And I asked what kind they were, and she said that they are French bull mastiffs. To which I replied: “Oh, are they like regular bull mastiffs except worse in fights?”

It’s also good to note that Courtney’s family is entirely French (by way of Canada, but still.) Thankfully, I won the family back with my visionary dance moves and caring spirit.


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