Class warfare, then and now

This is a month old but interesting:

Twenty-three years ago today, as a baby newspaper reporter in Dallas, I was filling in for the guy who usually covered courts, and happened onto the criminal trial of a mom on welfare who had been charged with ripping off taxpayers – yes, you and me – by failing to report some of the money she earned from her temp job as a nurse’s aide. As a result, Alfredia Dickerson and her three children – ages 7, 11, and 13 – had received $115 more in food stamps than they were supposed to.

The prosecutor, Cynthia Hayter – her real name – argued that 44-year-old Dickerson was a “run-of-the-mill criminal” guilty of “old-fashioned stealing.” The jury not only agreed, but sentenced her to 25 years and a day — to send the message that the 25-year minimum sentence for a repeat cheat like Dickerson was in no way sufficient. And this was a compromise for the jurors, some of whom wanted to send her away for life.

I’ve thought of Dickerson from time to time over the years – and wondered, among other things, how her kids made out in foster care. Yesterday, I thought of her again as I was listening to all the conservative complaining that President Obama was “waging class warfare” by cruelly attempting to limit the earnings of CEO recipients of corporate welfare to $500,000 a year. You want class warfare, I thought, you should look up Alfredia Dickerson.

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3 Responses to “Class warfare, then and now”

  1. indeedindeed Says:

  2. zachary Says:

    read first few paragraphs. ill have to read this tonight.

  3. York Roberts Says:

    All of those CEOs who stole taxpayer money and used it on bullshit deserve to be shot.

    All of them.

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