Sorry brother, didn’t finish the article

I know I shouldn’t waste a post and 90 seconds writing this because no one will care. But here goes: I HATE THE WASHINGTON POST’S WEBSITE. It’s insane that one of the few major and influential newspapers left has such a terrible website. But more than the crappy aesthetics and the lack of content, the biggest problem I have is that they are constantly trying to get you to log in to your account. I’m sure there’s some economic rationale for this that I’m not aware of, and I’ve been a member since around 1998 (sometime in high school), so it’s not that I don’t want to spend the five minutes registering my readership. I just really dislike being interrupted with an annoying prompt for my password while I’m barreling through an article and trying to click through to the next page. I like you, I do, but can a homey read around here? I’ve got things to do today. Like click over to the New York Times for a real e-newspaper.


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