But I still haven’t learned about democracy

I’m not too cynical about celebrity political activism, but apparently some have accused Bono of evading his tax burden while positioning himself as a global man of the people. Let’s the satire begin!

I want to run, my money to hide
I want build paper walls and keep it inside
I want to seek shelter from income tax pain
Where the accounts have no names
See my tax bill disappear without a trace
Where the accounts have no names

Also this:

THE BEST response to one of those breathless Bono appeals for uplift came at a Glasgow gig when he hushed the audience to reverent silence before starting slowly to clap. “Every time I clap my hands,” he whispered into the microphone, “a child in Africa dies.”

A voice responded in broad Glasgow accent: “Well, fucking stop doin’ it then.”



One Response to “But I still haven’t learned about democracy”

  1. zachary Says:

    people really dont like bono these days.

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