I needed painkillers just reading this

More great stuff from the Urban Paramedic:

Several years ago, we responded to a similar incident. A worker on the overnight shift at a paper plant had reached into a huge machine to clear a jam. The rollers caught his hand and pulled him all the way in, up to his shoulder. We could hear him screaming even as we came through the front door.

The most difficult part of that call was getting the patient out. Firefighters removed some pieces of the machine, and used a cutting tool to rip the rest of it apart. All the while, the poor guy stood there screaming in agony.

He was going to be trapped for a while, so I started an IV on the opposite arm, to give him something for the pain. We decided on morphine. When a patient is having a heart attack, we usually give two milligrams. This man was in so much pain that we started with five. That didn’t help at all, so we gave him another two milligrams. Still no good. Every few minutes we injected another couple of milligrams, until finally we ran out. We’d given him twenty-one milligrams of morphine–ten times the normal dose for the pain of a heart attack–and it didn’t affect him at all. He was still experiencing so much pain that the medication didn’t even make him drowsy.

Read him.


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