What’s everyone giving up for lent?


13 Responses to “MARDI GRAS TOMORROW”

  1. York Roberts Says:

    I’m giving up my lax attitude towards porn. From now on, I’m serious.

  2. York Roberts Says:

    …about watching it all the time.

  3. matt Says:

    vegetables. i’m going all meat.

  4. indeedindeed Says:

    the sad thing is that no one is joking here.

  5. Kenny Says:

    the pistons

  6. zachary Says:


  7. indeedindeed Says:

    i’m going to try this:

  8. indeedindeed Says:

    kenny, the pistons NEED you.

    it is getting a little sad though. i had no problem focusing on the oscars with the knowledge that the stones were only a few channels away… and the oscars weren’t particularly interesting…

  9. zachary Says:

    wait, it took three months to go get 21 days? shouldnt it take 21 days?

    i thought this guys whole thing was about saving time.

  10. indeedindeed Says:

    you no read good.

  11. zachary Says:

    naw, man is long winded. need sum ups.

  12. broseph Says:

    hygiene…nah too late for that anyway.

  13. leo Says:

    indeedindeed and give paul pierce credit.

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