The worst way to waste five minutes

Anybody ever attempted to read the comments section of a major website? Has there ever been an avenue for more annoying and pointlessly adversarial masturbation disguised as conversation? Has anyone ever learned anything in one of these comment sections? Can anyone justify the expense of the electricity used to power the servers that host these comment sections?



14 Responses to “The worst way to waste five minutes”

  1. Kenny Says:

    i sorta enjoy reading the sports ones on, the MSU/UM Hatred is in full effect on that particular site.

  2. indeedindeed Says:

    i should have specified: i was really referring to political websites or stories about political developments.

  3. zachary Says:


  4. meghan Says:

    they talked about this a bit on NPR on Tuesday

  5. York Roberts Says:

    I’m pretty convinced that “Moderator” is actually going to be a viable career path in 5-10 years and that, and all the rest are going to need a staff of them to just sift through bullshit all day every day and decide what is worth posting on their sites….

    It seems like most of the big news organizations just have like auto filters to block out certain words but the overall content of the majority of the shit that appears is still less intelligent than the discourse in a 9th grade classroom.

  6. indeedindeed Says:

    i left my headphones somewhere, but i’ve read some reviews of that guy’s book and i wasn’t super inspired to go pick it up.

    there’s definitely a thin line between snarky hilarity and snarky pointlessness. it’s a tough tone to master and i think it requires some kind of substance to be underlying it.

    my problem with the political debates on the web is that a lot of times it’s like the two sides are operating in completely different worlds, so it’s just incredibly unhelpful for everybody.

  7. York Roberts Says:

    PS: I like how you had a post called “Progress” followed directly by a post (about ignorant fucks spewing hate on the internets.

  8. indeedindeed Says:

    it’s great to read the featured comments on it’s always like, “you know, i think michael jordan was good at basketball.” thanks for that blinding insight. and that’s the cream of the crop.

  9. indeedindeed Says:

    there can be progress in one direction and backwards movement in another.

  10. York Roberts Says:

    “What AROD did was bad.” – GoMetsGo6657

  11. York Roberts Says:

    I feel like there needs to be an internet ettiquite class in all elementary schools. 6 years, 1 hour a week. Finer points discussed.

  12. indeedindeed Says:

    “Mike Tyson should attempt to not bite off opponents’ ears.”–HolyfieldsMissingEar432324

  13. Kenny Says:

    “Allen Iverson is still a better basketball player than Chauncey Billups”- Jerry Sloan

  14. zachary Says:



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