Blue collar hilarity

My brother and a friend happened to record a conversation between two union workers upon seeing the video I posted yesterday:

here is an actual exchange between two AFSCME workers, upon seeing that PSA (language advisory)

heyidunno what the fouhck youtawhkin about, i’s just callin’um as I see’um. ‘doze stiffs up callin da shots woulddina put ‘dis out. maybe spoofs wasn’t right wordiage, but ‘dis had to be an inside job uh’ sumtin.

ahma call some people, get ‘dis sorted ouht. makin’ us look like a reguhluh assholes, or sumthin. hey, you goin’ ta see bruuuouse at the pahlace? i ain’t no kinda gay, but dat der’s one hansum man. i think he sees intamah soul, or sumthin. bruuuuouse! hey fuck ya if ya don’t agree. ya unromantical bastid. no disrespect.

Jesus-fuckin-marynchrist, da bawss is comin to da pahlace? -eyh youknow iain’t drivin’ stick-shift if you know what I’m sayin’ but ahh, I can’t explain da feelin I get when I see dat man singin’ an’ sweatin’ an’ shit. DON’T BE LOOKIN’ at me like dat, eh, e’s an ahtiste, what-can-I say-you know what am sayin’?

-gahwd I feel like bowlin’ owh shootin’ shit – ah sumthin’

ass long is dere’s some tawl frahsties, i’m up fer any’ting. except dem harruh picchas. no need for dat. is disrespectful killin’ all ‘dem broads. N’t gives me toominy ideahs ya hear? HAHAHA, fuck you fah laffin’ ya bastid. you know i gatta bad haht.


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