Turn and face the strange

Our homey York has news:

I never wanted to live in Rhode Island again. I moved to Boston as soon as I could. I couldn’t wait to get away.

But now I’m going back.

I’m sure it will be a lot different this time. I’ m a lot different.

It’s funny though, everyone I know from Michigan (a surprisingly high amount of people, 6) loves Michigan. They all love it. It’s home.

I never felt that way about Rhode Island.

I just tried to count all the people I know from Michigan—34. Roughly.

I was desperate to leave Michigan when I was 18, despite having an incredible and enviable family and several close though foul-smelling friends. I couldn’t have put words to it then, but I think I needed time to figure out who I was and forge an identity for myself without the support structures I had developed in the mitten. Which is funny, because so many people out here identify me very closely with my Michigan heritage (every time someone gets killed in Michigan I get consolatory e-mails like it was a family member.)

Anyway, I hope that York’s return to the ocean state is a kind one. I’ll have to head down sometime and do some damage via the all-you-can-eat pancake special at one of the 24 hour IHOPs (on our diet off-day.)


16 Responses to “Turn and face the strange”

  1. kyley Says:

    This is funny to me. I grew up in Massachusetts, and then moved to Maine in HS. As a result, I couldn’t wait to get back to Massachusetts and civilization. Boston has been home for me in a way that the towns I grew up in never were. I never had an urge to “get away” so much as I wanted to come rushing back. I’m intrigued by the urge to get away, because I never really experienced it.

    Do you ever miss Michigan now and daydream about moving back? Or are you resigned to life in Massachusetts?

  2. indeedindeed Says:

    CONGRATS ON THE JOB KYLEY. i’m sure you’ll be great at whatever it is you’ll be doing.

    that should have been the first line of my post.

  3. indeedindeed Says:

    i’m not resigned. i feel very unsettled, because i’m not accomplishing what i want to in terms of getting writing done and i’m not where i want to be professionally in terms of flexibility. i’m kind of overwhelmed by ideas but not accomplishing as much as i want to.

    people make fun of me for complaining so much about this, but i don’t miss michigan’s winters whatsoever. and that definitely clouds my perceptions of the mitten at this time of year. i’ll be more nostalgic in the summer, which is glorious in michigan.

  4. kyley Says:

    haha. thanks for the congrats. 🙂 I’ll be a sales rep for Rhode Island, driving around to college campus and selling professors textbooks.

    Please do come down and visit us!

    Also, I definitely understand that unsettled business.

  5. kyley Says:

    oo…that cheesy smiley face was not what I was aiming for. sorry about that.

  6. Kenny Says:

    One of the possibly related links is: ” Is Shaq bored with Twitter already?” which is completely unrelated. But reminded me of the Shaq playing scrabble in ESPN’s hoops motorhome. I really love that commercial. That is by far my favorite ad of what is a pretty solid campaign all in all.

  7. Kenny Says:

    for those who haven’t seen it

    On living in Michigan, especially northern Michigan, I think you have to be away for a while to really appreciate it. Growing up I know I took being surrounded by the Bay and other inland lakes for granted. Now I get legitimately excited to go home for weekends in the summer.

    The Winters are annoying without a doubt, but the cold doesn’t really bother me and neither does the snow. About the only thing I get really tired of is having to scrape my car off every morning. Man that sucks. Also driving when it’s a blizzard is so much more exhausting, but that really only impacts you when you have to drive a significant distance of some kind.

    It’s very strange for me to think that I have lived in or around East Lansing for going on 7 years. A lot of people who graduate from MSU are really in a hurry to get away, and I admit there are times when I am really sick of going to the same places repeatedly. But by far the best factor is Lansing’s actual Geographic Location. It’s only 3 hours from TC. It’s a little more than an hour to Detroit, where my entire extended family lives, any of the major professional sports teams, or the Metro Airport, or whatever other reason you have to visit detroit, it’s only 3 and a half hours to Chicago, where the vast majority of my college friends have moved.

    Now if only Lake Lansing wasn’t the only “lake” nearby.

  8. zachary Says:

    lake lansing park and the surrounding parks are very cool.

  9. yorkroberts Says:

    Definitely on the off day. There are some cool places in Providence. I’m going to try my hardest to enjoy it all.

    I’m excited because it is something sort of new.

    And I think all of this moving around (to Winthrop…now to Providence) has really prepared me for eventually moving somewhere warm and far away for a little while (Phoenix?)

  10. zachary Says:

    you dont want to live in the desert. you want to live near water. not someplace where they have to make rivers to ship it in. thats just nuts. id go with south carolina. maybe cali.

  11. indeedindeed Says:

    why i won’t be moving to south carolina:

  12. indeedindeed Says:

    also, california is the absolute king of diverting water. you ever see chinatown?

  13. zachary Says:

    yea, but arizona is prlly second king. how about oregon?

  14. zachary Says:

    also, whats wrong with expressing the freedom of speech?

  15. indeedindeed Says:

    what about freedom of speech?

  16. zachary Says:

    ha just trying to tick you off little. nevermind.

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