Quick NBA thoughts

Via True Hoop, the GM of the Magic feels vindicated by their success:

He signed Lewis to a whopping six-year $118-million free-agent contract in the summer of 2007, and re-signed Nelson before last season to a five-year deal worth nearly $40 million. ‘It’s just the business we’re in,’ Smith said. ‘I don’t know if I stuck my neck out. I just thought Lewis was the player we could least afford to lose … and Jameer, I always said: Name me 10 guys that are better.'”

Okay, off the top of my head:

Chris Paul.
Steve Nash.
Derron Williams.
Rajon Rondo.
Chauncey Billups.
Baron Davis.
Tony Parker.
Devin Harris.
Derrick Rose.
Andre Miller.

That was easy.

Nelson is playing very well, and he’s getting a lot of attention because the Magic are winning a lot. But ultimately he’s not a great distributor. The best thing he does for that team is get into the paint, which none of their six foot ten shooting guards want to do.

Also, no one said that signing Rashard Lewis was a bad idea—just giving him that deal was. 20 point per game scorers are not hard to come by (the Pistons have an extra one we could give you) but him and Turkeyleg do the same thing, and no one plays defense. Their bench is terrible. They looked great last night, they can beat anyone once, but I can’t see any scenario where they win the East with that core. Unless Lebron signs with the Clippers or something.

Also, how was Kevin Durant left off the Western all-star team? To increase interest in the rookie-sophomore challenge? I know his team is terrible, but it’s not like he’s being super inefficient getting his 25 points per game—he’s shooting like 47 from the field, 42 from three and 86 from the line. He gets seven boards. Meanwhile David West gets in with 20 and the same rebounds. Substitute Durant onto the Hornets and they’re beating everyone. EVERYONE.

Stones-Cs on the ESPN doubleheader tonight. Sorry ladies, I’ll have to postpone the usual weekend-kickoff Jeopardy party.


4 Responses to “Quick NBA thoughts”

  1. Pat Says:

    Jerry, i agree with a lot of what you say besides subbing Durant for West making the hornets a better team. That’s blatantly wrong. West brings a post presence and the ability to hit the open jumper without having the ball in his hands. He can finish off the creations of Chris Paul. Durant, on the other hand, is more a perimeter player, would be redundant with stojakovich and would not improve the hornets but instead would make them a much worse basketball team because the addition of Durant wouldn’t offset the loss of West.

  2. indeedindeed Says:

    sorry, didn’t make my point too well there.

    durant didn’t get in because his team sucks. in general, the coaches way overvalue how good a team is for these things. i think, in general, the ASG should just be about getting the best players on the floor and showing them off. it’s never been about celebrating team ball.

    new orleans would be better with durant than with west. they’d be much different, but they’d be better. they could run like nash’s best suns teams. the reason they’d be better is because durant is much better than dwest.

    i like dwest, and he’s an okay post player, but he’s scoring most of his buckets on jump shots anyway. and durant’s post game is still in its infancy, but he’s getting a lot better. and it’s hard to quantify how much better paul can make a player.

    i know durant would duplicate a lot of the three point range than peja brings. but you don’t think paul/peja/durant/sean marks or james posey or hilton armstrong/ty chandler is better than their status quo— paul/rasual butler/peja/david west/ty chandler?

    either way, NO really needs to upgrade the two, and get a good backup big man. i’ve watched julian wright play for about five seconds this year, maybe he’s a long-term answer.

  3. indeedindeed Says:

    again, that was the longest way possible of explaining that i think it’s unfair that durant is left out because his team sucks.

  4. zachary Says:

    kid rock is having his name retired at the palace, apparently every show hes done there or at dte has sold out.

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