A good idea

In the long-term, we want people to get green by buying fantastic Detroit-created hybrid automobiles. In the short-term, there should be tax incentives to make your current car better for the environment.


7 Responses to “A good idea”

  1. zachary Says:

    for plugins: have they done research on the increase in power plant output thay would be needed to fuel a plug in every say, 50% of americans drove one?

    if were still using coal powerplants i dont see this as a good thing.

    did you ever blog about that sludge flood in tennessee at that coal plant?

    i kinda like nuclear power…along with solar/wind. someone needs to make a super efficient solar panel.

    ive also read about turbins in the ocean, that are powered by ocean current, those are being tested… throw them in the great lakes!

    it does seem like a good idea for that article though…my dad wants to try to build a bio diesel engine with one of his old cars he has sitting around.

  2. zachary Says:

    sooo you gonna live blog the innaugeration?

  3. indeedindeed Says:

    nah, i’m not too into ceremonies. i’m going to try to watch though. it’s screaming on the cable channel’s websites, right?

  4. zachary Says:

    its for sure on cnn.com

  5. indeedindeed Says:

    yeah, i’ve got it going. it’s streaming nice on my work mac.

  6. indeedindeed Says:

    feed died on me.

  7. zachary Says:

    its cause you use a mac. boyeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

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