You know you’re a—sweet little heartbreaker


Scientists have discovered rich plumes of methane on Mars that not only disappear quickly, but are replenished by unknown sources that could be biological or geochemical in origin.

“Either way, it’s very interesting,” planetary scientist Michael Mumma, with NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md., told Discovery News. “Mars is not a dead planet.”

Say they found amoebas or algae or insects or some tangible lifeforce on Mars. Would that drastically change the way humans view not only space but our own condition? Would it strengthen or diminish fundamentalist mindsets?


One Response to “You know you’re a—sweet little heartbreaker”

  1. Zachary Says:

    id imagine itd freak out some creationists, unless god did that and its starting a new earth.

    havnt we known mars isnt dead. they found ice on it right? thats gotta mean something.

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