The temperature in other places

Boston is 0, feels like -16.

Chicago: -15, feels like -31
Detroit: -10, feels like -27
Traverse City: 6, feels like -8
Santa Clara, CA: 42, feels like 42
Los Angeles, CA: 48, feels like 48
Phoenix, AZ: 50, feels like 50
Key West, FL: 64, feels like 64
Mexico City: 48, feels like 46
Sydney, Australia: 68, feels like 68
Accra, Ghana: 88, feels like 95


2 Responses to “The temperature in other places”

  1. Pat Says:

    I left chicago yesterday and flew to LA.

    Net gain of 79 degrees. I’m smart. That gain will be far far more in the middle of the day when LA is up into the high 70’s.

    The pilot when we were arriving in LA actually said. “its a beautiful 74 outside as we make our final decent into LA, just so you know, its now -10 in chicago and likely to dip to -20 tonight, lucky you’re flying in this direction.”

  2. matt Says:

    nice work pat. jerry you underestimate us. santa clara’s low is about 42. It’s about 75 and sunny here during the day. Not that I know being at the office by 8 and leaving when the sun sets…

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