Get in or get out

On Gaza:

The aftershocks of Israel’s war against Hamas will be deep and lasting, Miller told me. “This confrontation will have an enormous impact. A whole new Palestinian narrative is being created – of sacrifice, of struggle, of resistance. You can’t kill 1,000 people and not have an enormous blowback.” Does this make even attempting to play a constructive role a hopeless endeavor? “The first thing Obama has to do is ask himself a question,” he said, “and if he doesn’t answer it correctly you might as well hang a ‘close-for-season’ sign on the door. The question is: do you, Mr. President, believe the Arab-Israeli conflict is a core national priority for your administration? Not an interest, not a serious issue, but a core national priority.”

If the answer is yes, Miller went on to say, a lot will have to change, starting with the pattern of the US pretending to be an “honest broker” while actually serving as “Israel’s lawyer.”


One Response to “Get in or get out”

  1. zachary Says:

    thats what she said?

    office is on tonight…

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