Trade a first rounder for LT?

Our second first rounder?

Dano reports that Bradford is NOT coming out this year. Maybe we can get him next year when we’re coming off the NFC championship game and picking 28th.


10 Responses to “Trade a first rounder for LT?”

  1. York Roberts Says:


  2. York Roberts Says:

    But seriously,

    they shouldn’t draft a QB.

    Build around that position in the off-season. Matt Cassel will be de-franchised and traded promptly by August (probably to the 49ers…but still).

  3. Kenny Says:

    See as Lions fans we are going to be even more cynical about the prospect of acquiring cassel, having lived through the Scott Mitchell Era, which was the same damn thing.

    Hall of Fame QB goes down, backup comes into an offense that is already damn good and puts up monster numbers. Then the Lions sign the guy and he’s sometimes dominant, sometimes mediocre, and sometimes awful. Unfortunately the awful usually came in any game that mattered and the dominant came when Barry sanders was commanding the attention of every single defensive player on the opposing team.

  4. matt Says:


  5. zachary Says:

    crabtree more like badtree.

    and i havnt even seen jerry in months!!

  6. broseph Says:

    jer that was hilarious. easily the most slashing punchline you’ve issued in a while. you’re in the same fighting weight with a guy who goes by the name of “monday morning punter” on withleather now. be proud.

  7. broseph Says:

    and nobody is taking gyllenhaal (damn…repeating vowels) in the draft? the man is a machine. just wait for the combine. that’s what i say. on sunday he’ll make you wish the day after tomorrow was yesterday, so your ass would still be able to walk home unassisted. beeeeotch.

    don’t they even realize when their own goddamn industry makes a movie about the perils of steroid use? isn’t the story of nitro from gladiators enough of a cautionary tale. don’t use juice, don’t grow boobs.


  8. indeedindeed Says:

    no one responded to the question of whether LT is worth trading for.

  9. zachary Says:

    no hes not. i really think the chowder is poisoned in boston.


  10. York Roberts Says:

    LT blows. He’s a whiney baby. His career is over. He’s been hurt during the playoffs and sat out the LAST TWO SEASONS IN A ROW!!!

    Granted the Lions never have that whole issue of the playoffs to deal with anyway….but still.

    guy is washed up.

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