Republicans drink soda too

Via Ta-Nehisi Coates:

On the sides of buses, inside Metro stations and over the radio, Ikea promotes its home furnishings by proclaiming “Change Begins at Home.” In other Metro stations, advertisements using the words “hope” and “optimism” are splashed on walls and pillars — with the O’s replaced by Pepsi logos.

Around town and across the Internet, hope does not come free, and change will cost you.

I know Pepsi is trying to lock in young, hopeful consumers, but is anyone swayed by this kind of craven corporate pandering? Are we supposed to be nostalgic for Obama as agent of change already?


The inauguration coverage by the cable news channel MSNBC will be projected onto movie theater screens in 21 cities next Tuesday. The channel is also planning to announce a partnership with Starbucks to simulcast its coverage in 650 of the company’s stores.

We’re in for a strange four years.


9 Responses to “Republicans drink soda too”

  1. broseph Says:

    i still think my idea about the “hope and change squads” that police the streets and violently assault those behaving non optimistically isn’t that far off.

  2. zachary Says:

    hahaha, and you guys arent even in chicago, people love the obama buttons.

    im all for pepsi bringing back the 1992 can,

    the taste of a new generation has been their sloangan for as long as i can remember….

  3. zachary Says:

    also, was that can picture taken on a snuggie?

  4. indeedindeed Says:

    anyone ever seen a snuggie or slanket in action? what’s the quality like?

    i’d want a deluxe one with a big fuzzy hoodie contraption.

    also, why don’t they sell fleece blankets for couches that are the the size of bed comforters? I hate having to mess around with a throw blanket that is 8 inches too short for prime lounging comfort.

  5. Kenny Says:

    I’m with you on the too short blankets, it’s awful having to worry about whether you have to leave your feet uncovered or your shoulders. Sometimes you just have to go with two blankets, but then the middle region where they overlap can get a little too warm.

    I love the Snuggie commercials. Those things crack me up, almost as much as the “listen to your neighbors” hearing enhancers. Although to be honest i’ve never found blankets to severely limit my mobility when i’m lounging on the couch.

  6. matt Says:

    i’ve refused to use anything less than a king size blanket on the couch. Try using a throw with a gf next to you, I’d prefer a napkin in that case. Here is a great gift for the gf, that you will soon use yourself… kinda like a dvd set of desperate housewives.

  7. zachary Says:

    that hearing enhancer thing is rediculous.

  8. York Roberts Says:

    I though tthe Obama logo was ugly as shit.

    But I like the new Pepsi logo.

    It looks like Japan to me.

    And I love Japan.

  9. Dano Says:

    Yea its like people only do these things because they get paid, and thats just really sad

    I cant talk about it anymore, its giving me a headache

    here take two of these

    Ah, Nuprin, little, yellow different

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