Hindsight is 20/20?

Drew Sharp:

If a quarterback remains the best option at No. 1 overall after all the research and soul searching, you take him. Even if it’s a recipe for self-immolation, you take him. You take him because if a 1-15 Miami could reboot last year’s draft blessed with the clarity of hindsight, it would’ve taken quarterback Matt Ryan rather than Michigan offensive tackle Jake Long.

If St. Louis could redo the second overall pick, it would’ve selected Delaware quarterback Joe Flacco, who fell to Baltimore later in the first round and who’s a victory away from becoming the first rookie quarterback in NFL history to win two playoff games.

Is this true? Aren’t we getting a little ahead of ourselves here?

Miami seems pretty content with Jake Long, though it’s hard to say how relevant this is since both Miami and Atlanta had far superior talent going in than the Lions are currently blessed with. Also, Joe Flacco isn’t about to become the first quarterback to “win” two playoff games—he plays on a team that wins despite him. He’s done a fine job, but he’s not the reason they’re beating people.

As a lot of people have noted, Shaun King came into the league for the Bucs and started half of his rookie year, won a playoff game, had another decent year, then bombed out of the league. Those Bucs, like these Ravens, were successful because they had a dominating defense. To say Flacco is the second best player in that draft already seems crazy to me.


5 Responses to “Hindsight is 20/20?”

  1. zachary Says:

    why would they take matt ryan? very dumb thing to say, esp since parcells went for pennington and got him, clearly thats who he wanted. and he wanted someone to protect him. pick makes complete sense.

    put flacco on the lions, see how good he is. that should be every qb’s test, play a game with the lions, see how good you realy are.

    i could qb baltimore to the playoffs. thats right pat, i said that.

  2. Pat Says:

    zach, no, you could not.

    But i do agree, i don’t think flacco would go #2 if last years draft was redone, but you can definitely argue for matt ryan. He has been very good as a rookie and looks to be atlanta’s quarterback of the future. To be honest, i’ve watched a total of 1 falcons games this year so i’m just going with what people are saying about him, maybe he hasn’t been that great and they have just had a good running game with michael turner…i don’t know.

    I think the point Sharp is trying to make is the same as my point, that having a quality quarterback is the most important thing to a football team. The problem is that he’s also making some pretty extreme jumps like joe flacco is the player who will have the 2nd most impact in the nfl. but he could be right, maybe flacco will become brett favre, who knows.

  3. indeedindeed Says:

    you can argue for matt ryan, but it’s not like jake long has been a flop. and miami’s turnaround was miraculous, so i’m not sure why sharp is trying to make that case. slow news day probably.

    anyway, i just think you’re less likely to get a bust with a massive lineman.

    zach overstated the point (none of us exaggerate here, right?), but you look at the qbs left in the playoffs (kerry collins, flacco, kurt warner, dellhomey) and you see that you don’t have to an elite, prime of his career qb to make a run. but you do have to not waste number one picks.

  4. zachary Says:

    i never exaggerate…

  5. Tyler Says:

    drew sharp is an idiot. flacco’s stat line is like 8 for 15 with 120 yards…maybe a td and a pick every game. they run the ball well and have a really good D and thats why theyre winning…he does an okay job of managing the game and not effing up but doesnt do anything great.

    jake long is a beast…i promise miami is happy with him.

    i wouldn’t mind having bradford on the lions though…

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