Not heard on the Cowherd

I just caught the highlights podcast of “Mike and Mike” from this morning and gained two pieces of Detroit-related insight:

1. Rob Parker was on there explaining what happened. He said that the incident was one reason of many that he accepted a buyout from the paper, though he admitted the timing made it look like it was solely about Marinelli. More importantly, he explained that the question was part of his broader philosophy as a journalist that he should be willing and able to ask the questions that no one else wants to ask. He said he had been asking Marinelli questions all year and couldn’t get straight answers, so he decided to throw a curveball and hope for a funny retort. It didn’t happen.

If you look at it that way, it makes sense: the journalist’s role is to try to hold the powerful accountable. Parker is just an old school pugnacious scribe that asked an awkward question on TV. Now he’s moving to the internet or focusing on talk radio or ESPN2, where tenacity and half-funny lines are revered.

2. We shouldn’t take Sam Bradford.

I’m on board for the Heintzian law that the Lions should just take the best player available. But Todd McShay was on and he described Sam Bradford as a potential first round pick. Greeny stopped him and said, wait, do you mean potential first overall pick? Because he’s number one on a lot of boards. McShay replied that while Bradford is the most accurate passer in college football, you have to be really leery of spread quarterbacks, because they have often had a really hard time adjusting to the league.

That offense just doesn’t work in the pros with the speed of NFL defenses. The field gets so small, so tight, in comparison. Also, Bradford gets crazy protection at Oklahoma—McShay gave a stat along the lines of: Bradford gets touched (not sacked, touched) every thirteen plays or something. On the Lions, he’ll be sacked every third play. And it’s hard to spread the field when you have one receiver with hands.

My favorite scenarios right now:
1. Trade down for extra picks.
2. Andre Smith (unless he’s a total head case.)
3. Trade down for a couple of needed players who can start right away.


3 Responses to “Not heard on the Cowherd”

  1. zachary Says:

    whoa whoa whoa this whole time you dont like the q to marinelli? thats what journalism was founded on.

  2. broseph Says:

    possibly related posts:

    i agree 100%. quit babying the man, he refused to acknowledge that he had no place running a football team. i just hope he has more talent to work with over there in chicago or seattle. but that’s debatable. but at least he won’t be able to make statements at press comments unfathomable to most human beings.

  3. broseph Says:

    press conferences! geez i need to sleep more. thanks for nothing senioritis.

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