That’s not good

Some of my favorite restaurants from college burnt down last night. This is the second time El Pelon has been ablaze recently. Probably my most depressing eatery-related fire news since Traverse City’s Crusted Creations on 14th went up in smoke when I was a kid (and from a distance I was petrified that it was my 7-Eleven that was burning.)


8 Responses to “That’s not good”

  1. indeedindeed Says:

    from the herald:
    The fire broke out at 1:57 a.m. at Thornton’s Fenway Grill on Peterborough Street and quickly became a four-alarm inferno. Flames spread to Sorento’s Italian Gourmet, Umi Japanese Restaurant, Greek Isles, Rod-Dee Thai Cuisine II, El Pelon Taqueria and a dry cleaning business. The string of one-story businesses on the block from 84 to 98 Peterborough Street were completely, or nearly completely destroyed, MacDonald said.

  2. indeedindeed Says:

  3. York Roberts Says:

    this sucks soooo much.

    Do you think the landlord set it on fire on purpose so he could easily clear out the businesses and sell the land for like $50 million to some developer to build more condos over there?

    wouldn’t surprise me…

  4. indeedindeed Says:

    would not shock me whatsoever.

  5. indeedindeed Says:

    what’s sucks is those restaurants are what made that neighborhood attractive in the first place. living 12 feet from fenway and having guys name sully pee on your door every home game isn’t a selling point in and of itself.

  6. York Roberts Says:

    Agree. Kyley and I were thinking about moving over there..and now I’m not so sure.

    Those places had character which I don’t really think the Merck Building or the 1330 building have a lot of…

    I hope all of the places re-open somewhere in the same neighborhood if my conspiracy theory is correct. It is kind of insane that there were a few really legit restaurants in a row over there…

    Rod Dee is fucking awesome. All though they still have the main location in Brookline (at least). El Pelon easily makes the best burrito in Boston. Sorento’s was a suprisingly nice little italian place. Greek Isles was pretty good at what it did and Thornton’s wasn’t so much a great restaurant as it was just a great place to be…Sure, they didn’t have draft beer and no one was ever there, but that was what I loved about it. You could walk in there at any point and get a table for 24 with no problem at all and the food was always good and they let you hang out as long as you wanted to.

    Totally sucks.

  7. kyley Says:

    Yeah, this is terrible news. Peterborough Street was easily one of my favorite places in all of Boston. I really, really hope they rebuild everything, but I somehow doubt it.

  8. indeedindeed Says:

    also, whatever the cause of this fire, restaurants are probably going to be hit hard as the economy tanks and people have less discretionary income to spend on eating out.

    and, hey, at least there’s still that Burger King across the street.

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