Brody Jenner’s “Bromance”

I saw about five minutes of this show yesterday, and it makes for strangely compelling TV:

Brody Jenner is either being completely manipulated by MTV or he’s the most self-aware and self-confident person in the world.


9 Responses to “Brody Jenner’s “Bromance””

  1. matt Says:

    yeah, i recorded this. weird. brody was either being fed lines from mtv or a seemingly normal human being.

    The first 40 minutes were awful, but it got better. York would probably love this.

  2. zachary Says:

    strangely compelling?

    do i know you?

  3. matt Says:

    zach just needs to let out his inner bro. just be you bro, you.

  4. indeedindeed Says:

    haha, i only saw one segment, but guys were crying and whatnot and their was “the bachelor”-style “one on one” time where brody said stuff like: “it’s great that this person loves to make jokes, but what is he really about underneath it all?”

    i was very impressed that in a culture that still so homophobic that brody (who is apparently very much a fan of the ladies) doesn’t seem to care how many homoerotic overtones are in the show. i mean, it’s called bromance. a lot of guys aren’t comfortable enough with their sexuality to talk about how they love their male friends.

  5. Kenny Says:

    i love all you guys

  6. zachary Says:

    is this like loveline only with a former olympians son?

  7. indeedindeed Says:

    ken, i’ve only known you for 17 years, let’s slow down. i do enjoy your company.

    loveline? the sex advice show? no, it’s a reality show about guys in the running to be brody’s new “bro,” bro.

  8. zachary Says:


    llike paris’ new bff?

  9. indeedindeed Says:

    exactly. but with bros.

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