This is exciting. This is like every Tigers’ offseason from 1987 to 2006—nowhere but up.

Pat on the Lions:

First of all, i think the lions have so many holes at almost every position. The only spots they should avoid drafting are their #1 reciever spot and they don’t really need a running back with any sort of early pick although i wouldn’t mind them picking up a speedster with a later pick that could also be a kick and punt returner and third down type back. I think they need to draft best available prospect with the majority of their picks rather than trying to draft any specific position.

Totally agree.

Now, does anyone want the lions #1 overall pick? I’d definitely trade down unless they are sold on sam bradford as the qb of the future. I’m not sure Andre Smith can handle the speed of nfl pass rushers as a starting left tackle…but he is a very good prospect and run blocker.

I think teams are getting smarter about not giving up 34 picks over three years for the number one. But I’d love to drop down and pick up an extra piece or two. We need talent in quality and quantity. I’m not sold on Bradford whatsoever, but my beloved Uncle Frank thinks he’s the futuretruth. The last two quarterbacks he was this excited about: Matt Ryan and Jay Cutler.

Also, maybe I’m being stupid, but I don’t like that Andre Smith—who I’ve wanted on the Lions all year—got suspended and ended his career that way. Not how you want a guy you need to be an All-Star foundation type to end his college days.

So, if you can’t trade down i think i’d go with bradford with the top pick. I know its certainly a hit or miss type draft pick with lots of early qb’s taken becoming busts but sometimes it results in an elite quarterback and a guy u can start for a decade.

After taking bardford at the 1st pick (once again, if they can’t trade down) i’d take mlb rey mauluga or safety taylor mays from usc or if both of them are off the board i’d look into another OT prospect.

I think a first round of bradford + mauluga or mays would give you one instant starter and one qb who will hopefully be your star of the future.

I think Maualuga is being projected top ten at this point, no way he drops to us at 20.

Maybe I’m just saying this to make up for undervaluing Matt Ryan so much in last year’s draft, but BC has a huge d-tackle coming out named B.J. Raji. He might be interesting there.

With their one 2nd round pick and 2 third round picks i think you need to draft a DE, CB’s, OG and OT and just draft best available prospect in those areas.

The only hope the lions have for next season is to find 4 starters who significantly improve their talent with their 5 picks in the first three rounds.

What’s the cap space like? Anyone interested in Cassel? I like Derek Anderson more than I should.

Isn’t he a little too gee-whiz looking to lead us to glory? Can’t we get someone ruggedly cool, like Peyton or Eli?


12 Responses to “I LOVE THIS”

  1. zachary Says:

    orlovsky is fine. get a solid d going. bradford would do nothing but get sacked and become nobody, because this line blocks no one. and this defense stops no one.

  2. indeedindeed Says:

  3. Kenny Says:

    i echo jerry’s sentiments. orlovsky is not fine.

    We desperately need a qb, but i don’t want to take one with the first pick anymore. Rookie Qb’s can be successful, see Ryan and Flacco, but they typically come into good teams. Now you say that atlanta was awful last year, and that’s true, but they year before they were solid. Last year was a blip due to the fact that they had a monster distraction and lost their starting qb. And while Ryan was good, Atlanta was one of the best running teams in the league. They didn’t ask him to win games singlehandedly.

    LIkewise for Flacco, he came to a team that wants to run the ball, and has an incredible defense.

    you put a rookie qb on the lions without first addressing the offensive line and he is going to get slaughtered. And when you draft a guy with the number one pick it’s almost impossible not to play him when your as bad as the lions are.

  4. Pat Says:

    Kenny, i agree that drafting bradford may not work out next season. But, if you were in some fantasy land where you got to start an nfl franchise and pick 1 player, it wouldn’t be an OT, it would be a quarterback. Quarterback is the most important position in football and while its a team sport where even the greatest of qb’s can’t win alone, they still have the most effect on the outcome of a game when you break it down position by position. So, if Bradford or stafford or sanchez or graham harrell is going to be a future pro bowler, they are the right pick.

    With that said, its obviously a crapshoot and maybe you could trade down or take one of those guys with your 2nd first round pick or whatever.

    The more i think about it the more i want a playmaking defensive end or safety. I think a guy who can really disrupt things in the backfield or be the anchor of a secondary can significantly improve a team. A consistent pass rusher helps the entire secondary and a rangy safety does as well. I’m not sure which college players out their fit these descriptions…

  5. Pat Says:

    not sure if i was clear there, i meant if you could pick 1 current nfl player to build your team around you would pick a manning or brady or brees or whoever but you wouldn’t pick the pro bowl left tackle.

  6. indeedindeed Says:

    all of that is true: as pat said, tom brady makes every player better, qbs are the most important players. but, to defend zach, tom brady on the lions isn’t “tom brady.” he’s not dating gisele. he’s dating the hot waitresses from the denny’s on 12 mile. but that ain’t bad.

  7. indeedindeed Says:

    pat knows a lot more about football than i do, but watching andre smith i thought he’d excel blocking the run and the pass.

    what the hell do i know? i just feel like, worst case scenario, he’ll still start next year and make us a lot better. best case scenario, he’s an all-pro and anchors the line for ten years.

    in the end, i guess i don’t trust the men who were there during the john joseph harrington debacle to figure out who the franchise qb is.

    i’d love a pass-rushing defensive end, but i don’t love the guy from penn state.

    if sanchez is still on the board at 20, do we take him? what about laurinaitis?

  8. indeedindeed Says:

    i’d hate to draft a buckeye, but chris spielman worked out well.

  9. indeedindeed Says:

    just checked on wiki, and we got spielman with the 29th pick in the 88 draft. i got all excited because we had such a low draft pick—“damn, were we good in 87?”

    nope, the league was smaller then and that was the second pick in the second round. we took bennie blades number three overall.

  10. Pat Says:

    We need a draft like the 88 draft then, between bennie and spielman we got the two best defensive lions of the ensuing 10 years.

  11. indeedindeed Says:

    88 is also a good indication of how hard the nfl draft is.

    Aundray Bruce went number one overall?? meanwhile, eric allen went right after spielman, ken norton went mid-2nd, dermontti dawson (maybe the best center ever) went mid-2nd, thurman thomas went mid-second, brian blades went late second, michael dean perry went late second, bill romo (bc’s finest character guy) went late third.

  12. zachary Says:

    what good he gonna do when every 2 seconds theres a 300 lb lineman about 5 inches from him, unprotected. what good will it do now, and what good will it do later? you guys are nuts!

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