Big night, big night

BC stunned UNC yesterday in men’s hoops. By comparative score analysis, I guess this means Boston College is 42 points better than Michigan State.

Also, one of the local TV stations reported last night that BC football coach Jeff Jagodzinskifasdfasd was fired for interviewing for the NY Jets’ head coaching position. Let me preface my thoughts on this by saying that we never know the full story on these things, and I haven’t even read the stories that attempt to give the full story. But I’ll type anyway.

I can understand BC wanting to retain him, because it’d be very hard to find anyone better, but I’m not sure that axing him for looking into a job he’s not going to get is a good idea. College football is what it is—a big business where the coaches are the stars.

I think BC is a pretty good football job. It’s the best program in the Northeast, you can recruit Catholics nationwide, the academics are good but not so good that you can’t go after whoever you want, you’re always going to have a chance to win the ACC and get into the BCS. But it’s football life on a much smaller scale than the Big 11/Big 12/SEC. And the NFL is another world entirely. If your mid-level program’s coach is getting elite offers, give him a raise or a back rub or something, because the only thing you can appeal to is inertia and not having to move the kids to a new school.

EDIT: My internet was down all morning, and from what I’m seeing now, Jags hasn’t been let go. We’ll see what happens, but I hope they can keep him for a couple more years.


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