Slice of life?

Why do even the best television shows have such unrealistic cell phone/laptop scenes? The actors either have electronics that are ten years in the future or (more usually) ten years in the past.

I’m finally watching season three of Dexter, and Deb has a phone with a six square inch screen from 1984 that says “CALL ANTON?” in huge letters. That’s not how phones look.


4 Responses to “Slice of life?”

  1. York Roberts Says:

    I always hated that as well.

    “General Hospital” always has really up-to-date cell phones and computers on it.

  2. Bobby Flynn Says:

    I’ve thrown away all my DVD’s of movies made before 1994. I get so frustrated when they have to go to a phone booth to call in an murder or attack of some sort, or can’t get information from a foreign country until it is mailed or faxed to them. Wait, the fax machine isn’t plugged in NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

  3. York Roberts Says:

    Remember that episode fo Seinfeld where they are all lost and looking for each other in the parking garage and Jerry pees and tells a security guard he has “Uromiceatiesis Poisoning”?

    Great episode.

    Could never happen in the cell phone age.

  4. indeedindeed Says:

    actually, given the cell phone reception in parking garages, that is still possible. i once spent a few days in one without ever finding my parents. turns out they had gone home.

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