Stop sending ballots

My brother and I got a “special invitation” to an “advanced screening” of The Wrestler.

It’s awesome, you have to see it. A few times. Mickey Rourke is this year’s best actor, and Bruce Springsteen wrote the best song. They shouldn’t even nominate anyone else in those categories. Marisa Tomei was great as well.

It also definitely made me want to go back and rewatch the old Rourke classics like The Pope of Greenwich Village.


9 Responses to “Stop sending ballots”

  1. kyley Says:

    Have you seen Milk yet? Because while I think Mickey Rourke was amazing, I’m partial to Sean Penn’s performance. Either way, you should definitely see Milk if you haven’t.

  2. York Roberts Says:


    Agree about Mickey Rourke.

    I think “Milk” was a better movie probably, but it sort of had an ensemble of really good actors (Penn, Emile Hirsch [who is great in EVERYTHING], Diego Luna, Josh Brolin, Franco) whereas “The Wrestler” IS Mickey Rourke.

    If Mickey Rourke fucked it up or if it was someone with lesser talents or just someone whow as wrong for the part (Nick Cage as the stuido wanted) it would have been a laughable B-movie.

  3. Dano Says:

    This is Kenny:

    I saw the preview for Wrestler when I saw Slumdog Millionare at the State last weekend. I want to see it.

    Slumdog was really, really good I thought. Just a very unique story.

  4. zachary Says:

    i thought that heath was “the joker” and he was the shoe in. you guys are flip floppers.

    ive seen milk. sean penn was most excellent in it. awesome performance.

    i want to see the wrestler. and slumdog still. perhaps thisweekend.

  5. broseph Says:

    heath ledger would be a best supporting actor. and he probably will be nominated. but mickey rourke was phenomenal in that movie. he didn’t play that role, he lived in it. and yes, that springsteen song was the perfect compliment to the movie. fantastic stuff. maybe milk will be out here, if it hasn’t been already. i would still like to see it.

  6. indeedindeed Says:

    does anyone know for sure if heath will be up for best actor or best supporting?

    his role wasn’t that large, but he was definitely the star of the film. like hopkins in silence of the lambs, when he was in 15 minutes of the movie but won best actor.

    if it were sean penn v. heath v. rourke, that’d be very interesting.

  7. York Roberts Says:

    I think they are marketing him as best supporting. I’ve read that.

    Also saw “Revolutionary Road” this weekend and would be surprised if Leonardo DiCaprio and/or Kate Winslet don’t get nominated for their categories.

    Also, if you have ever seen Titanic (which you probably have), see “Revolutionary Road”. The acting abilities of Leo and Kate have improved so remarkably it is insane and highly noticable (I guess 11 years of refining one’s craft will do that). Oh yeah and Kathy Bates joins them again in “Revolutionary Road”. She makes a great shaperone to those crazy kids.

  8. indeedindeed Says:

    yeah, kate winslet is great in everything now. did not see that coming when lucky leo (who’s very good too) was painting her naked so many years ago.

    do you think it was strange for sam mendes to be directing a movie with his wife married to the most desired man in the world?

    i need to see that.

  9. coffee Says:

    Mickey Rourke’s comeback story reminds me a lot of Robert Downey Jr. for some reason

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