Subway, subway, plane, car, repeat backwards.

I’m flying to Detroit tomorrow, the 25th. I’ll see as much family as possible in a short window of time, and then go to Traverse. Call me if you’re in either place.

Speaking of the Motor City, Zach passed along a classic Ted Nugent video, which led me to this:

Look at that room. That guy was a vegan before he started listening to Uncle Ted—Michigan is a strange place. I’ll be there until the second of January.


3 Responses to “Subway, subway, plane, car, repeat backwards.”

  1. zachary Says:

    detroit city is the place to be.

  2. York Roberts Says:


    What draft picks will the Lions have in the first round? 1st and 18th or something? (they did get afirst rounder for Roy Williams, right?).

    What would you do with those picks?

    I personally think Orlovsky looked decent (or at least like his head was in the right place) the last few weeks.

    They have a running back with great potential (Kevin Smith) and a great #1 WR (Johnson).

    I would draft the best 2 o-linemen. If the offensive line gets two great young players, they could build for years on that.

    God I hope they don’t take Crabtree…

  3. zachary Says:

    i like orlovsky actually. so im fine with keeping him. we need a defense. our defense is AWFUL. if you look at the scores, in a lot of games we scored a decent amount on teams, but then they would put up like 45 and wed lose by 20. our secondary is terrible. as is our d line. id like a good DE or playmaking type cb/safety. i dont know who the top choices are but we dont want a qb in my opinion.

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