The American mind, unraveling

Kenny and I both have jobs where we get crackpot e-mails quite a bit. But I just got one that is extreme even by those standards. The whole thing is 5225 words (!) so I won’t post it all, and I kind of skimmed the middle, but check out a couple of choice excerpts.

A charming “prophetic” “vision” about our incoming president:

“My Father, I see black boots, like those of Hitler, shiny and new, but large, long and wide! And, for now, I only see the boots.”

“But, look upward, My Child, what do you see?”

“My Father, I see that the boots belong to Barack Hussein Obama! And, also, my Father, I see that he is dressed as a Nazi! He is wearing a Nazi uniform and over his heart and on his left pocket is a Nazi emblem! He wears a green beret and on the left side of this beret, but near the middle of his forehead is another Nazi emblem. He carries a baton; and emblazoned on the end of it is also a Nazi emblem. Oh, my Father, this is not good!”

No, that doesn’t sound good. But doesn’t it seem like Obama is offering change?

To all of you, it may appear that he is doing a great work to destabilize the drug empire of the Bushes and Clintons, and to bring back to America, what these have stolen and robbed from this nation! Do not be deceived!

For, his great push to take these trillions and to sit over this great amount of wealth is being driven by the European Satanists in their bid to destroy America and also by the Vatican, the Israeli Mossad, and even others.

Even others?! But what proof can there be?

To this end, my Dear Ones, let us examine the name of BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA! COUNT THE NUMBER OF LETTERS IN HIS NAME! THE TOTAL IS 18, OR 6+6+6, OR 666.

Can… barely… type… over… whelmed… by… wisdom.


2 Responses to “The American mind, unraveling”

  1. zachary Says:


  2. miriam Says:

    Barack Hussein Obama is 6 + 7+ 5, but Ronald Wilson Reagan was 6 + 6 + 6.

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