Staying all four

I’m not as prejudiced against Tim Tebow and Tyler Hansbrough as some people are, but it drives me crazy when they get applauded for not leaving early for the pros. They’ll both get drafted, but neither are sure things to have long pro careers. This isn’t the equivalent of a Lebron James-type forgoing the league to get a degree. These are great college guys who have great college lives deciding to push back the uncertainty of the next level. If we’re just throwing credit around, maybe someone can give me some love for constantly choosing diet soda when regular is available. I’m the champion here.


One Response to “Staying all four”

  1. Kenny Says:

    I think it’s smart for a qb to stick around. Experience plays such an important role in being a good qb. That’s not to say that sticking around is going to drastically improve your chances of making it, but it seems like you would get a lot more value out of playing a season of high pressure college football, then sitting on the bench in the NFL.

    With basketball I think there’s less to gain by sticking around because it is so much more about one on one matchups. I mean what would Kevin Durant have gained by coming back to College for another year, he was just so much better than the vast majority of his competition that it made sense to move on.

    And really no matter how successful you are as a college qb, there is rarely such thing as a true Can’t Miss quarterback. You would think the long list of qbs drafted early who have failed would serve as an incentive to stick around and get your degree.

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