A trip to the pharmacy

1. Staring at four thousand deodorant sticks, no idea what to buy. So, of course, I get the one labeled “The Official Deodorant of the NBA.” I’m that gullible consumer that companies live for.

2. A lady went to the counter and said she parked her car in the lot (which is sizable and empty) but needed to run across the street to the ATM to get money for her prescription. The counter staff looked at her in blank confusion. Her again: “I don’t want you to tow my car while I run to the ATM!”

I think she vastly overestimated the reaction time of the pharmacy’s Illegal Parking Unit. They’re not elite commandos.

3. I bought three things, and my receipt was 43 inches long. 43! I’m no environmental crusader (unfortunately), but that’s a lot of wasted paper.


4 Responses to “A trip to the pharmacy”

  1. zachary Says:

    1: you dont get the same stuff everytime? who doesnt get teh same stuff?

    3: yes, they waste a lot of paper on receipts

  2. indeedindeed Says:

    i have no brand allegiance to deodorant. i just buy whatever is cheapest. but there were about 50 choices that all cost the same.

  3. zachary Says:

    is that musk scented then?

  4. indeedindeed Says:

    it smells like lebron’s forehead.

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