Good reflexes

Pres. Bush dodged some Iraqi journalist’s shoes:

And he thought the American liberal media was hard on him!

No, but, seriously, who throws a shoe? What’s the point? You’re only going to give him his first sympathetic treatment in a long time.


2 Responses to “Good reflexes”

  1. zachary Says:

    who throws their shoe? no seriously, that reallly hurt.

    come on, the guy telegraphed it. you coulda dodged that after a 2 day caffeine fast.

    if youre gona throw a shoe. side arm in and start it from a lower trajectory moving upwards.

  2. York Roberts Says:

    Ultimately, the shoes missing Bush’s head makes the whole thing more of a symbolic gesture.

    Plus when we’re old we can all say “and I remember when the media was allowed to throw shoes at presidents!!! not like today’s pussy presidents! hiding behind kevlar and 20 inch glass!!!!”

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