Are we enemies or not?

Chris Hayes at the Nation has a great piece about how the political establishment is christening Obama as post-ideology, post-partisan, post-politics:

The chief failure of Bushism, according to Sunstein, is not its content but its form. Not the substance of ideology but the fact that he was too wedded to it, too rigid and dogmatic. It’s a view widely held in Washington. Many, like Sunstein, have drawn a lesson from the past eight years that is not about the failure of conservatism–neo or otherwise–or the dangers of the particularly toxic ideological disposition of the Bush administration, of larding public dollars on your cronies and friends, of exacerbating inequality while gutting regulatory oversight, of eviscerating centuries-old common law protections or of starting pre-emptive wars.

No, through a kind of collective category error, they have alighted on a far more general moral to the story: ideology, in any form, is dangerous. “Obama’s victory does not signal a shift in ideology in this country,” wrote Roger Simon in Politico. “It signals that the American public has grown weary of ideologies.” No less an ideologue than Pat Buchanan has come to this same understanding: “If there is a one root cause to the Bush failures,” he wrote, “it has been his fatal embrace of ideology.”

If “pragmatic” is the highest praise one can offer in DC these days, “ideological” is perhaps the sharpest slur. And it is by this twisted logic that the crimes of the Bush cabinet are laid at the feet of the blogosphere, that the sins of Paul Wolfowitz end up draped upon the slender shoulders of Dennis Kucinich.

The whole thing is really, really good. Take and read!


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