A conversation

Upon seeing my hoodie:

Older lady: Detroit! Detroit Tigers!
Me: Yes?
Older lady: Why are you wearing that?
Me: I cheer for them.
Older lady: You don’t see that very often around here.
Me: I know.
Older lady: My son lives there, he sent me one of those, but I can’t wear it. Because I don’t want people to beat me up.

Boston fans beat up older ladies who wear rival merchandise. Now you know.


One Response to “A conversation”

  1. York Roberts Says:


    I was at the Celtics vs. Blazers game last friday, and the crowds there are downright friendly towards Blazers fans.

    We overheard a convo between these 4 dudes who flew in from Portland to the game and a bunch of Celtics fans.

    C’s fan: Youse guys got an exictin’ team.

    Blzrs fan: so do you!

    other C’s fan: Shit I wish i could follow the Celts around.

    Blzrs fan: we just wanted to see them play the champs.

    C’s fan: where you guys seats?


    It went on like that as we were waiting in line.

    I think it’s really only idiot Red Sox fans who are giant douchebags.

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