Feats of unparalleled awkwardness

You know when there’s an open but narrow door and someone is coming from the opposite direction and you don’t know if you should go through and possibly make them wait or wait and let them go through?

I went through, ultra-crowded subway station, and I went fast to try to avoid the confrontation. As I’m walking through the door I hit some kind of steel object that was sticking out of the wall, hit it hard with my left shoulder. And the force of my Usain Bolt-like speed against the metal object caused my body to do almost a full 360. At least a 270.

I busted out laughing. Much staring. Have fun in your cubicles people.


One Response to “Feats of unparalleled awkwardness”

  1. zachary Says:

    hahaha. i just laughed at my desk. ahh the working life.

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