Wait, you’re not in the NHL

I saw an obese man earlier today wearing a Bruins jersey and it got me thinking about which sport’s fans appear to get the least exercise (as witnessed by apparent out-of-shapeness and the wearing of team jerseys.) This is probably the most subjective thing I’ve ever written, so feel free to disagree:

1. Hockey
2. Football
3. Baseball
4. Basketball
5. Soccer


17 Responses to “Wait, you’re not in the NHL”

  1. Tyler Says:

    i agree soccer fans tend to be in better shape than football or hockey. I prob agree with your order. I think hockey/football are interchangeable, same with soccer/basketball….baseball is in the middle.

    what sport has the best looking girls? (based on when we were in HS/college…not counting pro athletes)

    1. soccer
    2. tennis
    3. track
    4. volleyball
    5. basketball
    6. softball

  2. indeedindeed Says:

    1. tennis
    2. soccer
    3. basketball
    4. volleyball
    5. softball
    6. track

    what are you thinking about with track?

  3. Zachary Says:

    football def. has more obese people. way more.

  4. Tyler Says:

    all track girls are in shape…excluding shotput and discus. there are some good ones.

  5. Joe Says:

    Does dance not count as a sport? The most smoking girls ever were always dancers.

  6. Tyler Says:

    thats a really good point. dance team for tcsf that had a prusick and company was unreal.

    gymnastics prob would make the list, too.

  7. indeedindeed Says:

    football has more obese fans than hockey?

  8. indeedindeed Says:

    yeah, vince p. was fly.

  9. Tyler Says:

    football has more total fans than hockey so they obviously will have more obese fans.

    that’s like the stat of “buckle up! 80% (or whatever) accidents happen close to home” well yeah because youre driving close to home 80 percent of the time

    i think the percentage of obese football fans is probably close to that of hockey

    and yes, vince p was fly and has sick dance moves.

    this may be my final post as a ray jay employee, btw…i’ve decided i dont want to be a financial advisor anymore….gotta figure out what im doing with my life.

  10. indeedindeed Says:

    yeah, i was thinking more along the lines of unathletic-looking fans relative to the total number of fans wearing jerseys.

  11. Kenny Says:

    I was gonna say gymnastics should be on the list as well. Only thing is they are all really, really small. I think volleyballers tend to be attractive as well, but they are the opposite of gymnasts.

    1. Tennis
    2. Soccer
    3. Gymnastics
    4. Volleyball
    5. Bball
    6. Softball
    7. Track

    Obviously there are going to be outliers in each category, and i’m pretty sure if there is a female blog out there doing this for college males.

    “Person who lies on the couch, drinks 3 nights week, and can barely make it through an IM hockey game”, which would have been the best description of me in college would be about number 12,345. Either directly before or directly after “person who never goes to class, grinds out a meager substance in online poker, and just plain stops going to IM hockey games.”

    Tyler, are you going to look for another job? Or just do the poker thing for a while. I was just about to invest my life savings with you, so in other words you just missed out on signing a $200 account. Now what am i going to do?

  12. Kenny Says:


  13. indeedindeed Says:

    ty, do you have some ideas?

    i can’t imagine getting up and going to work looks attractive compared to the lifestyles of your roommates.

    also, ken, isn’t your mom a financial planner?

  14. indeedindeed Says:

    let’s start a business, heintz and i have some ideas…

  15. indeedindeed Says:

    also, my college persona “guy who spends five hours a day talking to people in the cafeteria before napping and drowning in computer printouts and overdue library books” probably wouldn’t rank high on many most-wanted lists. though i did get a girlfriend somehow.

  16. Tyler Says:

    damn, just wrote out a long post and realized i deleted cookies and didn’t have my name in the field so i have to rewrite it.

    today is most likely my last day at work. my boss is the absolute man and said i can take my time in leaving or whatever, but I think I’m calling it good today…i will be very lucky if my next boss is as good as this one.

    i have no idea what i want to do next. I’m going to vegas for new years and from there going to bahamas for a week. when i get back i plan to figure it out…

    i dont plan on playing poker for a living but that’s what im going to do until i get another job…

    havent put much thought into it but the only things ive thought about are being a teacher, golf pro, moving to chi/big city to get another finance job (non sales related).

    so yeah, im open to anything…i’m down for starting a business.

    sorry i’m missing out on your $200 account ken…I could have used that commission to get some mozz sticks from arbys at lunch today. i’d just open an etrade account…lots of good buys out there. i’ll be rolling my 401k over to an ira soon so i’ll let you know what i’m buying if you care…

    you guys are hating on track girls…they are way underrated. i prob have bias because i ran track, though.

  17. zachary Says:

    track girls are good.

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