The mobility of capital

I haven’t been following the story about people leaving the Michigan football team: what’s been happening there? Somebody told me Sam McGuffie is transferring?


4 Responses to “The mobility of capital”

  1. Tyler Says:

    mcguffie is still deciding. his mother died a week or so ago and he might move back and play somewhere close to home and help take care of his 16 year old brother.

    safety artis chambers is transferring.

    WR zion babb is kicked off the team.

    a backup DL is leaving, too.

    mcguffie is decent but we’re deep at RB…we’ll be fine with or without him.

    there may be a few more that leave–i think carson butler is taking a shot at the NFL?, brandon graham is supposedly staying for another year (really gooooood)

    I feel like their is attrition every year with a lot of teams. people that are deep on the depth chart and want to play transfer. people that get homesick transfer…etc.

    of course the media will spin it as everyone hates richrod and its all his fault a few players (that will have little impact on the team) are leaving.

    when lloyd was coaching…jason forcier, who would have started at QB this year and been good in this offense, transferred to stanford bc he didnt want to be behind mallett for the remainder of his career. (his brother, tate, is coming here next year and has a good shot at being our starting QB)

    guttierrez (sp?) who was also a backup qb, transferred to idaho state or something like that?

    ryan mundy, who played (started?) safety for us transferred to WVU, and is now in the NFL.

    mallett was rumored to be transferring regardless of who the coach was.

    those are just a few off the top of my head…i’m sure if i researched this it would show that this year is no different than any of lloyds.

    of course the media portrays richrod as someone who hates babies and puppies and is running off all of michigan’s good players and is secretly paid by osu to come in here and ruin our program.

  2. Tyler Says:

    “there* is attrition”. i obviously never proofread anything before i post it. i also don’t use capitals or proper puncation or have any sort of flow or rational thought. you’re welcome.

  3. Tyler Says:

    puncation, yep. i’m done now.

    haha and it just said “you’re posting comments too quickly. slow down!”


  4. indeedindeed Says:

    haha, it seriously said that? sometimes i’ll bang out about ten comments on my own entries.

    good reply, your less than perfect grammar doesn’t disturb the flow of information. and i like lower case letters.

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