The Pistons’ prospects

I don’t think any fan of the Stones can be too confident heading into two out of three in Beanland.

Not just going into the playoffs but going into this season, most of us felt that our biggest advantage over the Celtics would be Chauncey Billups. He’s been an object of my criticism for a few years now, but he’s still legitimately a top five point guard in the league (My ordering: Paul, Nash, DWill, Tony Parker, Chauncey (and if you know me you know I hate to have Parker in there.))

While I deeply underestimated the leap Rajon Rondo would make this year, I still think a healthy hamstringed Chauncey has huge advantages in terms of post presence, stretching the defense with his range, and poise/experience/leadership (though that seems to come and go.)

I also had no idea Stuck would be this good this soon, but I don’t think we can win unless Chauncey is the factor.

ALSO, quickly, I can’t believe how good the Lakers are already. They’ve clearly been the best team of this playoffs, and it hasn’t been close. That Pau trade might go down as one of the more ridiculous things to have happened in the NBA. If Bynum comes back next year and is as good as he was in the beginning of this season, that team could/should win a string of titles. Not excited about that.


7 Responses to “The Pistons’ prospects”

  1. zach Says:

    they can win a string of titles now. easily. i think bynum is done for with his knee. serisou;y, there the best team in the nba nowm and for a while.

    also, ill be watching the redwings tonight, so i hope they win cause if they lose i wont allow myself to watch again becaue my viewing will have cause their loss.

    last night in hotel after having some dessert: “so, what do you think the chances are of you guys playing the redwings tomorrow night?”

    “the who?”

    “you know, detroit redwings, the NHL”

    “O, basketball is really big down here so i wouldnt count on it”

    looks like ill be watching in my room. and wearing my fedorov t-shirt, thanks gerard francis!

  2. yorkroberts Says:

    I almost wish the NBA just did one game elimination. The playoffs are killing me.

  3. » Blog Archive » Today’s Links 5/28 Says:

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  4. indeedindeed Says:

    the NBA playoffs are a grueling experience. going to the EC finals every year has taken decades off my life.

  5. indeedindeed Says:

    when did i give you that feddy shirt? shouldn’t it be a little frayed by this point?

  6. broseph Says:

    there is a probably a more obvious comment to make in regards to this quote: “going to the EC finals every year has taken decades of my life.” but i won’t go there.

  7. yorkroberts Says:

    You mean the balding?

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